At present there are 10 people working at MADE IN CLEY.
Wolfgang Altmann: pottery, sculpture, photographs,
Gunhild Espelage: pottery,
Christiane Guenther: pottery,
Richard Kelham: pottery,
Nadine Leech:pottery,
Mary Perry: pottery, Rosalind Redfern: pottery,
Nicole Schumacher: pottery, Barbara Widdup: pottery,

Ellen Monaghan: jewellery, Meghan Matthews: jewellery.

How it all began in Cley-next-the-Sea

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MADE IN CLEY was founded in 1984. The four founder members (Wolfgang, Gunhild, Barbara and Quay) met while studying abroad. We were inspired by the work of Bernard Leach, Michael Cardew, other leading studio potters and the Japanese and Korean ceramics they were referring.

In 1984 we took the leap, moved to Norfolk and opened our own gallery and studios.

The small coastal village of Cley-next-the-Sea in Norfolk became our new base.The old village shop in Cley, a beautiful Regency shop with all its original fittings gave us the ideal gallery space for our work and there was also room for our various workshops.

Since then we have managed to establish a wide customer base all over the UK and beyond and of course amongst the many holidaymakers that visit Cley in the summer.

Our set-up and our way of working are quite unusual in the studio pottery world. We work alongside each other as a studio group sharing all aspects of pottery making and processing such as glazing, firing and selling. Our work is the result of continuous exchange and cross influences. Hence the decision not to sign our pots individually but to sell them under the MADE IN CLEY name.

But we always also allow ourselves the freedom to follow our own individual concepts making the pots that we like and give each other space for new developments.

Functional wheel thrown pottery remains at the centre of our work. Fusing function and beauty by creating pots for everyday use, that are a lasting source of satisfaction and pleasure, will always be our overriding aim.

Since we started many young potters and crafts people have joined our studio group. Some just stayed for a while to experience our working methods.