We make a wide range of bowls at MADE IN CLEY, in various sizes, shapes and glazes.
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1. Bread bowl diam. 35cm White glaze with slip decoration.
2. Salad bowl diam. 26cm Oatmeal glaze with slipped rim.
3. Salad bowl diam. 29cm Celadon glaze.
4. Mixing bowl diam. 18cm Celadon glaze
5. Salad bowl diam. 26 cm Grey glaze with slip decoration.
6. Soup bowl diam. 16cm Oatmeal glaze with slipped rim.
7. Soup bowl diam. 16cm Celadon glaze.
8. Lg. Dessert bowls diam. 15cm Tenmoko glaze.
9. Dessert bowl diam. 13.5cm Celadon glaze.

10. Dessert bowl diam. 13.5cm Oatmeal glaze.
11. Lg. Dessert bowl diam. 15cm Illmenite glaze.
12. Small Salad bowl diam. 17cm Oatmeal glaze with slip rim.

These bowls are also available in other glazes.