Most of my prints and photographs are sold mounted and framed. I use a very high quality Nielsen brushed metal framing profile and off-white high quality mounting board. The frames are glazed with glass. The example below shows the style of framing which is intended to give the prints and photographs "room to breath".
                       Both prints and photographs are also available unframed with mounts at various sizes.


STANDARD SIZE: landscape frame 20"x17"(visible print area
                            approx. 270mmx205mm) - £129 + P&P
                            Square frame
17x 17.5" (visible print area
                            approx. 200mm x 200 mm)- £129+ P&P

LARGE SIZE:        landscape frame 23.5"x18"(visible print area
                            approx. 420mmx280mm) - £229 + P&P

UNFRAMED WITH MOUNT: Standard landscape &square:   £95 + P&P
                                                                Large Frame:  £160 + P&P

Larger sizes are available to special order: Find more information
at "order info" and "technical"

Frame profile close-up

Profile: Nielsen P97 150
           Florentine Silver